Meet Professor Lavoe, An Ancient Rune Teacher for Wizards

It’s splendid moment when your students come to you and said “Sir, This is the happiest moment in my life to attend your class, I never feel so happy before”

Kira-kira begitulah yang salah satu siswa saya katakan ketika selesai mengikuti D’Anglophiles , sebutan English Club kami di sekolah, meeting kemarin.

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Camp SOAR (Day 5) Reflection

When you decide to be teacher, you must dare to never stop learning. Learning various skills that perhaps get benefit towards your teaching practices at the classroom. Giving various skills in teaching will surely give an extra effort for us as teachers. Your creativity is found on how you deliver each steps of you teaching stages. Therefore lesson plan is the main key to be well-prepared planner. We cannot deny that teachers are likely event organizer. We plan carefully every stages of teaching because we all know that great lesson plan will lead into successful learning. A well-planned Lesson Plan contributes for more than 70 % of learning. I personally made my lesson plans a week before new term comes. I do this because as teacher, I need more times to analyse and make list activities for my learning process in one semester which is not an easy way. That’s way you will never be dare to be teacher if you don’t spend most of your time in planning.

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Camp SOAR (Day 4) Reflection

Our Camp today is full of Assessment Materials. I am personally not fancy in this particular term, however I am sure that Assessement is the key to understand student’s comprehension in my language class.

I am aware that making an assessment is always not a piece of cake task. You need to understand the forms you would choose and the result you expected. I usually make a subjective assessment because I think objectives assessment is less reliable than subjective. I more prefer to assess students individually than in pair or group. Therefore most of my assessment and test are focused to assess individual. The reason I choose the Individual assessment due to my small amount of students in each class I teach. I tend to do these assessment by making my own rubric which I used to believe is the most appropriate one.

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Camp SOAR (Day 3) Reflection

As teacher, you basically need to think what the best approaching to get engaged your students. You are mostly be guided by text book instructions which , I consider, are not your style.

The art of teaching is the art of discovery

That quote is extremely beneficial to lead , at least, your way to decide the best model of teaching

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Camp SOAR (Day 2) Reflection

Well, I would say that the Day-2 in Camp SOAR is full of thoughts. I personally come here by intending to get valuable moment to share and discuss with other nineteen teachers throughout Indonesia. It’s not justified that I have full of experiences in teaching but I eventually claim my less experience in this kind of world.

This day, I get my whole brand issue named Critical Thinking Skills. It was well-delivered by Yuta Otake, one of speakers in the camp, At first we were asked to do some short games that lead into Bloom Taxonomy levels (I guess). Simply act in each instructions but somehow leads you in different levels of thinking.

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Camp SOAR (Day 1) Reflection

I”ll probably write new posts this week due to another PD , which is cool, that I’ll be attending for a whole week.

Yes, I am in Bogor. I’m selected as one of 20 in-service English Teachers who are called to be part of this camp. This camp is held by RELO (Regional English Language Officer) of US Embassy Jakarta in cooperated with FIB Universitas Indonesia. I was thrilled what I got letter that congratulated me.

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What I put on the wall

It is a super late post. Kenapa? karena wall-nya udah bersih lagi. It’s being written sambil nungguin download file yang besar, akhirnya mau ngetak-ngetik sesuatu. Jadilah ide nulis tentang apa yang saya lakukan di semester kemarin ke kelas “Kartini” Bahasa Inggris dan Bisnis saya.

Ceritanya, semester kemarin (seperti halnya semester-semester sebelumnya) guru mapel, like me, ada kelas masing-masing karena memang sistem di Bunga Bangsa, sekolah saya, moving class.

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Ke Jawa lah kalian memilih

Sebenarnya saya tidak mau membahas ini di blog. Cukup di kelas-kelas saja bersama para siswa. Tapi, sepertinya harus saya share ke sini karena cukup sedih jika dilihat lebih lanjut.

Bulan Desember 2016, sekolah saya mengadakan program Campus Tour Java untuk siswa kelas XII yang sebentar lagi akan segera lulus. Tujuan utama sebenarnya adalah untuk mengenalkan para siswa kampus-kampus di Jawa baik PTN maupun PTS. Kampus yang kita kunjungi adalah hasil dari angket yang kita ambil dari para siswa kelas XII. Continue reading “Ke Jawa lah kalian memilih”

The perks of being in love with Debate

Ralph Emerson said “All life is an experiment, the more experiment you make the better”

I binged-watching The Godfather last night when a spoiled cat jumped from the table and onward. He meow-ed to me, like saying “Feed me human” kinda cute to be franked.I got his snacks when a small frame fell down on the table. It’s a sweet memory of my sophomore year after practicing an art of speaking. It felt I threw my hair into pensieve and all minds went back to almost 7 years ago when I was introduced with something. Something that, further, I fall in love with and dedicate to proliferate it.

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